About Plaatwalserij Purmerend

Extreme dimensions. That is Plaatwalserij Purmerend in a nutshell. We manufacture large-dimensioned components, most of them semi-manufactures which we supply to a wide range of clients: industrial companies, machining and construction companies and manufacturers of heavy equipment. These are often offshore applications. Some orders are for single products, while others concern complex, compiled products. It all depends on what you wish to contract out to us. We have the expertise, machines and partners required to supply a total solution. At our company, you will meet 20 enthusiastic professionals, who are proud of their trade and who see each new project as a new challenge.


The most fascinating way of getting to know Plaatwalserij Purmerend is during a trip around our company. You can see the enormous machines with which we process plate material of amazing dimensions. It is precisely these machines which demand great expertise from us. Proficiency is a must when manufacturing products of such dimensions. Material know-how. Welding technology expertise. Construction technology insights. These insights are always supported by calculations. When manufacturing components which weigh tens or hundreds of tons and are deployed in critical applications, there is no room for coincidence. That is part of our profession. Would you like a personal introduction?