Plaatwalserij Purmerend features a 3000-ton press brake. This powerhouse has many possibilities.

Plaatwalserij Purmerend has one side bench on which we can bend plates according profile. Our machine has a capacity of 8 meters x 3,000 tons. With this capability, we can bend plates with thickness of 15 to 100 mm, depending on material and width. The machine is CNC controlled (for series), consequently we are able to deliver highly accurate typesetting.

Our lower beam is a 'Multi tool’, the width is adjustable and has a large radius in order to reshape the product well. We have all sorts of tools to check the profile properly during and after bending. We bend plates on a daily basis - in any shape required: we have great expertise in this field.

In our top beam we can install blades with different radii: for thin sheets we have top knives with a sharp radius, for thick plates we use top knives with a large radius.

Our top beam can be put askew - with this setting we are able to perfectly bend cones. Plate Rolling Mill Purmerend can form cones from 15 mm up to 100 mm thick!

Setting up the machine, reshaping, measuring after reshaping: at Plate Rolling Mill Purmerend all our bending is customized, and every attention is given to a good quality product!