Plaatwalserij Purmerend has a wide rolling capacity. The rolling machines each have their own abilities and so we can serve clients properly.

Rolling plates is our core business: daily we roll custom made pipes for our customers. We often roll plate thicknesses from 15 to 200 mm and more!

From Ø300x15 mm up to Ø ... x200 mm: Plaatwalserij Purmerend can offer you the possibilities!

We have five rolling machines two of which have an interchangeable top roller. The distances between the rollers of the hydraulic rolling machine are adjustable, thus we are able to roll hulls with a highly accurate diameter.

We can also roll cones with adjustable bottom rollers. Using these our professionals are able to switch quickly, without long adjustment / conversion times.

Plaatwalserij Purmerend has the facilities for both cold and hot rolling: for thick-walled pipes, we are able to pre-heat the plate in our furnace.