Welding is a specialty of Plaatwalserij Purmerend. We have the following welding processes at our disposal:

1.Hand welding: FCAW, GMAW 2.Machine welding: SAW (submerged arc welding, as well as twin tandem welding)

In addition to welding our circular and longitudinal seams of rolled tubes, we also often weld special constructions such as cable drums, percussion tools for offshore piles, crane bases and the like.

These parts have a wall thickness of 50 to 200 mm. Materials with these thicknesses require extra attention during manufacture: the basis for this is created by proper pre-treatment of the weld seams.

Many of our employees are certified. Plaatwalserij Purmerend has qualifications for thicknesses of up to 200 mm weld thickness. The qualifications meet the most common international standards like EN, AWS, DNV and so on.

We also have a longitudinal and circular seam milling machine at our disposal. With these machines we can narrow gap weld, so we can weld thick-walled pipes with minimal welding volume.